Software validation (GxP environment)

In a GxP-critical environment, companies need competent partners, which will not only offer technical solutions but can offer the full validation. With our experience in software validation in the pharmaceutical area, we can offer you both, the validation of existing software as well as a new software solution including the whole documentation (individual development ).

OSIsoft PI-System ®

We offer excellent know- how in administration and creation of third-party applications for OSIsoft PI Systems in a heterogeneous and complex environment.

Software Development

Agile software development, including project management is one of our key competence. By using current technologies such as (C#) .NET, Java (EE), C, Office (VBA), PHP, UML and established frameworks ( O/R mappers, ...), we guarantee that your software is created according your requirements, expandable and easily maintainable.

Infrastructure Services (SME)

We can provide the whole maintenance of IT infrastructure for small and medium companies. This service includes networking, client and server services. We will keep your systems up to date and minimize security issues.



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