Virtual Reality & Process Information


Process information presented as virtual reality (VR)



We connected RealWear [a VR goggle similar to Google Glass.] to the OSIsoft PI System.



Although RealWear would support the connection to an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system (e.g. Windows domain) – the input of user credentials would be either cumbersome or non-compliant (voice input). Since the process information is typically and GxP relevant data – it must be ensured that only trained employees have access to this data. Additionally, it could be business critical data, which requires authentication.



We have developed an authentication module where the user enters his credentials (username + password) on the computer and can transfer them to the RealWear via a QR code. Some special features are taken into account, such as the fact that two RealWear glasses could be looking at the screen at the same time.

Once the user has authenticated himself, the existing process information can be visualized directly in the production plant by scanning a QR code on the RealWear.

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